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      About US

      Taizhou Wonderful Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1994, it is located in Xinqian industrial area, huangyan which called "The town of China Mould", Zhejiang province. Wondeful is a professianl manufacturer of thinwall mould, auto mould and home appliance mould.With the area of 15000 square meter, Wonderful mould have imported high speed milling machines, such as CNC workshop, five axis CNC machine, 3+2 CNC center, we also have a team with r&d department, production and service.

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      Our Team

      Casting brand with heart, true feelings moved customers.


      It is easy to do a thing, but difficult to insist; Most difficult is always do the same thing.


      Being strict with the quality in the mould process programs to control the quality, from the first to the last production precess, we strive for prefection to achieve the max of product value.


      Dedication to quality, technology obsessed, let WONDERFUL have a more open and progressive heart.


      Our engineering staffs will cooperate and coordinate with every customer to provide the best design, try our best to develop thin wall injection moulds for various shapes and sizes for our customers.

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